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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Update from The 1958

May 26, 2022

The 1958 would like to thank every Manchester United fan who has taken the time to support and contribute to our first actions of the summer against the club’s sponsors Adidas and TeamViewer. The campaigns have been effective even in this short period of time. In the new world of social media and the importance of positive PR it puts pressure on existing and new potential sponsors. These actions are not intended to ‘bring down Adidas’. It is purely to put pressure on the ownership of the club. No sponsor likes negative PR!

This week we see the arrival of Erik Ten Hag at the club. Again, we would like to confirm that every member of The 1958 is delighted with the arrival of our new manager. We wish him nothing but success to bring glory back to our football club. We will always support him and the club unconditionally.

We would like to acknowledge and address the recent newsletter from M.U.S.T. and also the comments by the TRA earlier this week. Our aim is, and always will be to bring the fan base together for one common goal. To remove the Glazers from our football club. We want significant fan representation at board level and an ownership structure that uses its own business assets to strengthen the value of the club and not an ownership structure that uses the club to strengthen its own business assets.

This week the TRA have reiterated their position in respect of the ownership of our football club. They have also confirmed that they have offered help and assistance to The 1958 with planning and strategy, which is correct. What The 1958 can confirm is that dialogue is ongoing with the TRA. They have been active and supportive. Nothing we have discussed has led us to believe that the TRA want anything other than the complete removal of the Glazers from our football club.

M.U.S.T. through their recent newsletter, have publicly stated support for our recent and successful protests. We may have a different approach and strategy for change within our football club. But our goals should be aligned.

We look forward to building stronger alliances with the TRA and M.U.S.T. over the coming months. Whatever narrative you choose to believe, the removal of these parasites will only be achieved with fan unity and The 1958 will not be detracted from that goal. We have to be United. We need to remain focussed. We need to continue to show these owners that we want them out of our football club.

Constant, relentless pressure!

Some things are worth fighting for…

The 1958 🇾🇪