• Tue. Jun 11th, 2024

The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

The 1958: Truth, History & Lies

Jun 11, 2024

A potted history of the 58. It’s worth recapping what we stand for, our values and put a few things straight, buckle up.

✨We decided to make a stand against this ownership because nobody else was. We were born out of truth, fire and anguish.

✨We hold our own counsel so we wont be doing this often.

✨We started from nothing. We built credibility and trust with a sceptical fanbase who have been taken for a ride and rinsed year on year by many.

✨Apart from TRA there has been virtually no help given from any other group. Quite the opposite in fact.

✨What has been achieved is a minor miracle. Do not let anybody tell you that you have not made a difference in the fight against this ownership. The constant negative and worldwide coverage. Turning the lens of Glazer greed against them. We know this for a fact and one day we maybe able to tell you how.

✨We stand for integrity, family and what our club means to generational communities.

✨We don’t bullshit. We don’t do fake.

✨If we say something it’s a matter of fact and record, the truth.

✨We are seen as a threat by many groups because of this. 

✨We always backup what we say we will do. Our track record proves this.

✨What we have learned since we started about some groups and individuals would make you both angry and shocked. 

✨We will never betray the trust placed in us nor the burden we carry ourselves

✨We will always stand up for the common fan in the street.

✨We will always stand up for the integrity of our club, the fanbase, our culture and our own values. This goes without reproach.

Now let’s set the record straight once and for all about some mistruths and what we have had to deal with along with certain facts you need to be made aware of.

💥 We have had censorship by the club

💥 We have had censorship from the media

💥 We have had a BOT army on our posts to try to discredit what we do. That is why we have automated blocking in place

💥 We have been strong armed at Wembley by club hired help to prevent worldwide coverage of fan protest

💥 Certain groups and individuals betrayed a lot of fans involved after the ESL protest. Snakes and cowards, you know who you are.

💥 Not everything is as it seems with what comes out of the club. There are certain relationships that suit fan manipulation. It’s all about control and narrative not what is best for the fanbase. It’s all a charade.

💥 Fan culture is being diluted in the name of greed

💥 There is a Judas and grass working for the club against match going fans

💥 They want to censor and remove the vocal fan base and replace with manufactured fake atmospheres that they can control.

💥 Unless it’s on our website or via our accounts do not believe what anybody else says. They haven’t got a clue what is going on behind the scenes yet still pretend they do. Maybe it’s time for them to stop lying and leading people on 🤷‍♂️

💥 SJR needs time and we need to be pragmatic and allow change to happen. We can’t be tainted by Glazer decay. However, that clock is ticking.

→ We warned about marginalisation of fans

→ We warned about the globalisation and pimping out of football

→ We told you about paid accounts pushing the Qatari bid 

→ We told you the Xmas Eve announcement was rushed before it was reported

→ We warned about the way ticketing was going with the club

→ We met and spoke with Sir Jim before anybody else. We promoted a new owner for our club way back in August 2022. 

→ We are not on SJR payroll 😂

→ We are not on Glazer payroll 😂

→ We have never been on Arnolds payroll 😂

→ We have not been bought off 😂

Listen to our podcast from 2 years ago (our first) just how many things have come to light. It’s there to hear as a matter of record. 

This included the taking of Premier League games to other countries.

We will always fight for what is right, no matter what the consequences. The truth will always reveal itself and many do not like that. Truth and honesty is a threat to their existence. Read between the lines.

We never expected this. We never asked for this. We do not want nor need any pats on the back for any costs we have incurred nor the sheer amount of time and impact this has had on our lives. Nobody, nobody will ever understand or see that.

We do this for the love, for the respect we have for the club and the respect for family who instilled the club into us and because it’s the right thing to do.

There will be some seismic announcements coming soon.

We want our club back. We want our fan culture back. We want our United back.

For the love.

For the passion.

For each other.

For past generations.

For the next generation.

For United.

The 1958 🇾🇪