• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...


We have started to put together a FAQ which will be added to. Any further questions please email to [email protected]

How is the 58 doing anything different to what the organisers of the protests in 05?

We are in this for the long haul. These owners are parasites and it’s a puzzle within a puzzle within a puzzle with them. We will work this out to remove the head of the snake. The club is a total mess. Broken and rotten from top to bottom. We are not in this for any other purpose other the objectives we have. After that we go back to being normal reds. We don’t want anything to detract from the cause hence being anonymous. This isn’t about any individual or faction of our fanbase. We need unity to bring in new ownership and restore the traditions, culture and standards back to our club. We want to hand the club over to the next generation in the same state that it was handed over to us. We want to be proud of United again both on and off the pitch. This is more than performance and results on the pitch.

Are the Glazers the only target for the protest or is it aimed at others (players, staff, certain supporters)?

They are not the only objective but they are our priority. We look at it like the Glazers are the head of the family but they are corrupt, selfish and sly. They set the standards and the rest of the club (their siblings) follow which is why the entire clubs a mess and it comes from the top down. We will remove the head of the snake. The Glazers have taken us for mugs for too long and lied since the Liverpool protest. Add to this a passive FSS thats not even materialised despite promises and end dates. There is also the rumoured land sale of Old Trafford to property financiers to fund a new stadium. We will be forever in debt, forever Glazer, forever lost if this happens. Without them spending a penny of their own money. We owe it to the next generation to pass the club over in the same state it was passed to us through previous generations of our families.

Given the hierarchy’s obsession with social media interactions & engagement, how does the 58 feel about this?

We have a multi-faceted plan. These will become apparent as we move forward. Everyone has a role to play no matter how small or insignificant they think they are. If everyone unites and does this it will make it very uncomfortable for the Glazers. We have never met a United fan that doesn’t want the Glazers out so put aside your interests and differences and join us.

What are the long term objectives and what do you say to those who believe this is a novelty that will wear off?

We are not cranks or hooligans, we are passionate United fans with history through generations of our families. When we achieve our goals, no matter how long it takes we will be happy to casually disappear into the distance. We hope this happens sooner rather than later and never wanted to do this. However, nobody else was stepping up and like we said we couldn’t stand by any longer and watch our club rot away to nothing. M.U.S.T have failed us. The Glazers have failed us. This needed to be said M.U.S.T have done their best with the right intentions initially we are sure, but it hasn’t worked. We hope they come onboard with us. The 58 calling them out was never an attack on them but stating facts. We expected some responsibility and ownership of this and be contrite with their response. Instead, we got called for attacking them in addition to blocking our account. The backlash they got on social media about this should have made them realise the errors in the path they took. We are sick of being played and lied to.

Why don’t The 1958 arrange protests outside the UK?

The plain and simple fact is that there isn’t the appetite or desire to do this outside of the core match going fanbase.

We have contacted worldwide MUSC groups and most of them haven’t had the courtesy to reply. This includes Norwegian and Florida based groups.

We urge any fan group anywhere in the world who have the desire and passion to make a stand for our club and its future to contact us. We can help and also answer any questions you may have.

The truth is Glazer tentacles are everywhere. Many groups are afraid of losing perceived perks with the club or the promise of a carrot that just keeps being dangled until there is no choice.

The club own MUSC groups. The Glazers own club communications. All designed to quash any acts of unity against the ownership. Broken and rotten from top to bottom. 

We called out United aggregator accounts recently. These accounts do NOT have the best interest of the club or its future at heart. 

Take the recent ACS scheme as an example. A scheme that actually makes Glazer more money with it in place. We keep saying do not be fooled and it’s crystal clear to us we need to try and educate our fanbase on some of these things.

So we are left with the odd individual who seem to have an appetite for protests abroad. We will support any such action as long as its peaceful and legal. Remember laws vary from country to country. Our DMs are open along with emails and contact us page on this site. 

We will get back to any genuine messages so please be patient.

Why are you called The 1958?

We chose The 1958 for a few reasons.

After the Munich tragedy and against much adversity the club, community, and fans around the world came together to support as one. A miracle really that the team reached the FA Cup final. The FA Cup Wembley badge was symbolic of a Phoenix (a lot of the 58 lads had this story passed down to them and it was folklore from that time). That Wembley badge serves as symbol of hope and rising up against all odds. This is profoundly precious to us. We have family members within our group who were profoundly affected by the tragedy at the time.

The year 1958 was both blighted with tragedy for our club and also a resolve and desire to recover and rebuild against all odds culminating in that Wembley appearance. The latter obviously being our inspiration.

It is also acts as a reminder so we never forget what our club has gone through, what we rose from and serves as a warning for those that want to leech from our club today. We respect our culture, our history and traditions beyond reproach in the 58.