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The 1958

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Todays Statement to the Press

Jan 24, 2024


Press Release

Active United Fan Group Insist Their Fight Against The Glazers Will Continue

With Hope On The Horizon

Influential Manchester United fan group, The 1958, have given their first official reaction to the club’s new investment model, hoping Sir Jim Ratcliffe will prove an ally and a vehicle to removing the Glazer owners.

“When change is upon us, we think it’s prudent to assess the situation before reacting,” confirmed a spokesman from the protest organisation.

“With the impending investment into the club by Sir Jim Ratcliffe and the announcement our club will be appointing a new CEO, we feel the right decision is to keep monitoring progress and let the new structure and strategy play out.

“We believe the Ratcliffe investment and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing gives us more hope for a brighter future and a potential clearer pathway towards majority ownership further down the line.

“This doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. The aftermath of the European Super League is proof sitting back and doing nothing is not an option. We are working towards a next phase, strategy and plan.”

Claim Back United

He emphasised: “We have more than 52,000 supporters signed up to our ‘Claim Back United’ website https://claimbackunited.the1958.net/ Over 29,000 being season ticket holders or members. Now is the time to develop that intent and move forward with our plans.”

He concluded: “A generation of supporters have fought and battled to rid our club of these owners. We never wanted them at the start and we don’t want them now. We owe it to ourselves and the legacy of these efforts to ensure they are removed. We hope Sir Jim is an ally and vehicle in making this happen. Do not forgive and do not forget the damage the Glazers have done to our club and fan base.

“We will be watching developments closely and will continue our fight until the Glazers have been removed. This has always been one of our primary objectives. We will update more soon.”

Issued on behalf of The 1958 🇾🇪