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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

📢Survey Update: The 17/19 rule and fans anger 📢

Mar 14, 2024

With over 57,000 fans now signed up to the claimback website and over 17,000 season ticket holders and members responding we reveal the damning results. The fans have spoken.

  • Over 75% feel the club should be more transparent on supporters’ concerns
  • Around 95% say their voice is not being heard and backed by the right level of representation
  • 95% indicated the membership structure and season ticket terms and conditions should be challenged fully
  • A similar number believe the current rules and regulations for season tickets are unacceptable the 17/19 rule in particular where seats cannot remain empty for more than two matches each season.
  • Nearly 85% indicated the current membership structure and prices are not value for money

Here’s the rub and a wake-up call:

  • The Internet access at OT wasn’t a perk. It is to allow in app tickets that can’t be shared. The club legalising themselves even further as the only touts
  • Friends & family have to pay the club £20 just to receive a ticket which has already been paid for. This needs abolishing and a system implemented for named ‘friends and family’ to receive the ticket if this needs to be passed on
  • We will be campaigning for legislation to protect the heartbeat of our club’s communities. The heartbeat thats always been beating, the fans. We will be reaching out to other “real” fan groups from other clubs and key people for support
  • There is a move across PL clubs to marginalise and silence generational fans. This will pave the way for a rebranded ESL to hike prices and play games anywhere they choose. Remember, ST holders are the last bastion of defence to protect this heritage. 
  • We will challenge status quo’s because the status quo is not working or good enough 
  • We will be helping and supporting our colleagues in South Stand on their relocation.
  • You can’t have true fan representation under a shroud of NDA and manufactured hand picked elections. We need full transparency.

The survey results clearly show fans anger at this. We are you and you are us. We will fight for what is right no matter what the consequences.

You cannot walk the line with the club and claim to represent fans. It’s a line that cannot be walked.

The wheels are in motion. 

This is a statement of intent.

The 1958 🇾🇪

Full survey results are below (click each image):

Today we spoke to Mike Sweeney on @BBCRadioManc 

We will not betray the memories of family and friends who instilled what it means to support this club into us.

We will fight to prevent our generational fanbase and atmosphere being diluted in the name of greed.

Have a listen.