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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Statement from The 1958

Apr 19, 2022

Firstly The 1958 would like to thank all our brothers and sisters, young and old that travelled from home and abroad to support the protest on Saturday. We will only succeed in our goal if we protest in a peaceful and legal manner. This is important for longevity to sustain a relentless and consistent plan against our ownership. We truly are the greatest supporters in the world and it was a proud moment on the Warwick Road seeing a sea of United fans looking out for each other and uniting in the cause.

We announced that we would protest at the Chelsea home game and we WILL!! As predicted the anniversary for the ESL has come and gone without one comment from the Glazers. M.U.S.T. have previously released a statement demanding that they expect a response from the Glazers by latest the anniversary of the ESL or else?

Well that date has passed and once again the Glazers have lied to us and treated us with contempt. Nobody should be surprised by this. We have also seen the response from M.U.S.T.


The truth is we will NOT receive an offer of a fan share scheme. They will NOT give any ownership of our football club to the fans. THEY NEED TO GO!

We want owners with club development and traditions at heart, and a fan representative that has a real voice at board level.

Our DMs are open. We want to hear from fan groups who can assist and get involved. Now, more than ever is the time to unite and ramp up the pressure. If you support United and you want the Glazers out then you are in The 1958.


On Saturday we had 8000 United fans and we want to surpass this for Chelsea.

Details for Chelsea to follow. United we STAND divided we FALL. Peaceful & Legal.

Red, White and Black we want our club back.

Some things are worth fighting for…

The 1958 🇾🇪