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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Statement from The 1958

May 14, 2022

Below we set out a plan overview for our tactics over the summer prior to the start of the next season.


  • Hit the Glazers in the pocket.
  • Cause maximum disruption.


  • If you ran a business, what would you hate to happen to your shareholders and stakeholders? Your answer is precisely what needs to happen to the Glazers.
  • We want to mobilise thousands of fans with online access, no matter where you are. The more, the better and more successful we will be. Everyone has a role to play here.
  • We will not target all stakeholders simultaneously. We will prioritise and cycle around each stakeholder for a defined period (see the stakeholder Mind-Map we published recently).


The stakeholders holding the greatest impact on finances and disruption/annoyance are:

  • Sponsors Adidas, TeamViewer, Kohler and so on. Previous actions from some fans already caused THG to withdraw sponsorship of training kits. We must deter new sponsors and cause existing sponsors not to renew.
  • Shareholders The four or five biggest shareholdings after the Glazers. They need to realise how the relationship between fans and owners is fundamentally broken. United’s shares have been a terrible investment since 2012 and will continue to be so. Also, equity analysts providing recommendations to potential investors need to raise their heads above their spreadsheets.
  • Employees This could be very powerful if executed properly. Targeting not only execs but communicating respectfully with the rank-and-file employees, the majority of whom share our concerns.
  • Glazer Family Avram, Joel, Bryan, Ed, Kevin, Darcie.
  • Glazer Family Businesses Glazer Properties, Innovate Corp, Iconix Brand, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Build-a-Bear Workshop, Stoney Clover Lane.
  • Glazer Charitable Foundations The aim here is not to disrupt but raise awareness of the Glazers’ business activities. Glazer Family Foundation, Glazer Vision Foundation, Bryan Glazer Family JCC, Edward and Shari Charitable Glazer Trust.
  • Suppliers United spends £100m on operating expenses each year, and key suppliers must be targeted.
  • Media Influential journalists, connected to Man Utd and the Bucs.
  • Government/MPs/Football Governing bodies Tracey Crouch and Manchester-based MPs. FIFA, UEFA, FA, EPL.
  • Debt provider Bank of America Merrill Lynch International.


Imminently The 1958 will coordinate the overall effort and communicate which stakeholders will be

targeted and when. Specific instructions will be provided about what to do and when. It will not be time-consuming, and if we can mobilise our global support, the impact will be huge.

We all have a part to play in removing the head of the snake  🐍 Wait for the call

Some things are worth fighting for….

The 1958 🇾🇪