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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Welcome to our new website

Jun 29, 2022

Tonight The 1958 launches a new website. This will be a significant move forward for the group and a strategic move to increase visibility and direction. To provide a better quality of engagement and also increase the reach for our campaigns and actions throughout the UK, Worldwide and match going fan base. Through this, we believe our movement will gain more momentum for fans to follow, support and get involved.

Twitter has been a great vehicle to highlight our aims and goals, the removal of the Glazer ownership. We will continue to do this. But we need area of growth and reach to engage more, and we see this website as the perfect platform. The site has been updated with all previous 1958 actions and statements. Various videos and tweets to bring you up to date.

This is just the first step. Content will be added to the site over the coming weeks with ways to support the campaigns and directives on how we can put more pressure on the clubs sponsors and ownership.

Please share and retweet. Reaching more of our worldwide fan base and having more UK and match going fans aware of the movement is key to growth and the eventual end game. The removal of the Glazer family from our football club.

Remember, we will always support the team and manager. But this ownership has no love for our club. They are soulless leeches treating our history and traditions with contempt. We are just a cash cow to pay them dividends. Our club will never progress as long as this family drain Manchester United Football Club.

Please provide feedback to [email protected]

Some things are worth fighting for…