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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Over 15000 march for Liverpool Protest

Aug 23, 2022

The 1958 thank everyone for taking part in the protest for Liverpool both outside and inside the ground. The numbers were massive as you can see from the pictures and press reports being posted everywhere.

We would like to encourage everyone taking part to remember what we are protesting for, against the ownership. Besides the obvious fact that they have no love for our club and the financial ruin they are placing on us. They are slowly rotting away the institutionalised values, history, expectations, traditions and culture of our great club. We will not standby and watch this any longer.

We also iterate once again to respect yourselves and each other. Anything other than this will be spun by the media and the Glazer PR machine and will detract from what our key message is. That includes behaviour pre and post march and especially around our venues.

Everyone in the 58 would like to thank the Tollgate for their support and for any future event we expect all protesting fans to respect the pub, it’s grounds and staff.

We urge everyone to remember this for future events.

There comes a time in everyones life whereby they must make a stand for something they love and believe in. That is what the 58 are doing and hope we can encourage every United fan to do the same.

Last night was a visual and vocal statement by every red who didn’t think they had a voice.

To all Reds attending who made the journey to protest on a Monday night.

  • To those that rejoined the fight.
  • To all those who traveled without tickets and protested outside.
  • To the young and old that stood with us again.
  • To those carrying the banners.

Be proud of yourselves!

  • To the TRA for their assistance both inside and outside of the ground. Thank you.
  • To everyone inside Old Trafford all stands. Be proud of yourselves.

You brought the heat. You brought the noise. You brought the passion.

Nothing changes win, lose or draw until this rotten ownership goes.

Momentum, support and awareness is building. This was not the end. It is just the start!

Everything we do is calculated, planned ahead and measured, that is the case for every 58 action.

We don’t and will not react to scattergun Ill conceived ideas. We make it very clear what actions we are associated with.

The fight continues to remove this ownership.

We want our club back🇾🇪

Plans will be released for Arsenal.

Some pictures from last nights protest below.