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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Today we go after the Investors

Oct 3, 2022

Today we go after the investors who have funded the Glazer ownership and ask them questions.

Are they aware of all the facts? Are they aware they are investing in an ownership that is despised by the entire fanbase (their customers)? Are they aware that they will never realise their maximum investment potential under this ownership.

Let’s find out just how aware they are.

17 years and our club is a mess!

10 years without a title.

Do you want United back?

Stop accepting mediocrity and join the fight!


1. Visit this site http://the1958.rf.gd/investor.html

2. Hit the copy button at the bottom of the page

3. Paste into an email

4. Copy the email addresses from the popup 

5. Paste into your email recipients

6. Copy the subject and paste it into the subject field of your email

7. Hit Send

We want answers and most of all we need to stay united in our fight against this ownership.

Some things are worth fighting for…

Keep believing  

The 1958 🇾🇪