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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Love will always beat greed

Nov 23, 2022

When we formed the 58 we wanted to make a stand for integrity and show that some things are more important than self interests and greed. This was always personal to us and we wanted to make a stand for these values. If its the right thing to do its the right thing to do, no matter what the cost or effort involved.

We understood that we would need to build up trust and credibility given the history of what had happened in the past and starting from nothing. You know past events and those we are talking about here.

It’s about standards, history and dignity. Those with integrity who unselfishly put their time and efforts into getting rid of these owners, you know who you are. Conversely, those coming out of the shadows now or whenever its on trend also know who you are. We know who you are also.

It was about making a stand for something we deeply love, for family & friends memories that always come flooding back heading into that ground. It’s personal and real to us. The Glazers were not just betraying the club we love. To us they were betraying the memories of past generations who instilled United into us. 

Lets never forget what we are dealing with here. A horrible family with questionable morals and ethics. A family who sued  members of their own family for business assets in a family will. A family who only care about money and greed. A family people working at the club cant stand (yes we do know this). A family who betrayed our national game and tried taking us into a European Super League. A family despised by a global fanbase. That takes some doing. 

However, we always also said they are a family who were on the ropes they are done. They were more transparent than ever and it was great to see our fanbase finally clicking and the penny dropping. 

As we have alluded to we will be moving into our next phase. Everything we do is planned and calculated ahead of time. We will be releasing next phase plans soon.

For now we thank everyone who have supported us and those who came before us in the fight against these owners. A collective effort across match going reds and our global fanbase to show what can be achieved. Everyone has had a part to play in this. Be proud of yourselves for this.

We are getting close to the end game but we are not over the line yet. For now, stay focussed, stay the course. The head of the snake is close to being removed.

One day soon we will be found. One day soon we will laugh again through desolate times.

We always said keep believing. You will only see 30% of the work and effort that goes in. There are activities, discussions and plans that have always been going on behind the scenes that we can never never make public.

Love will always beat greed.

The 1958 🇾🇪