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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Statement around the next few fixtures

Sep 7, 2022

We have identified key fixtures for action throughout this season. Everything we do is risk assessed, calculated and measured to achieve maximum impact.

Our next plans will be for Palace & Leeds which are well underway and will be announced soon. This should NOT discourage United fans from organising their own protests against the ownership.

We have stated before we will encourage, promote and support any legal & peaceful protest on the 58 account from any group of fans who want to do this.

We need United fans to do all they can even if it’s not a 58 organised action. No matter how small or large. It will make a difference!

Tomorrow we ask the global fanbase to support the Join The Fight pack. We will follow up with instructions.

No excuses, do your bit before and after the game.

Get involved!