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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Follow Up On Glazer Announcement

Nov 27, 2022

Following on from our statement earlier this week regarding the news about the Glazers “strategic options” we offer some further thoughts.

The statement released by Glazer’s is intentionally corporate and vague for a specific reason. We have said all along that we have plans in place waiting to be triggered depending on situations. Nothing we do is ever reactive. We foresee every scenario. To this end we will be releasing Project Queens Gambit in the near future to ensure this family have nowhere else to go other than to sell our beloved club. We will need the support of our global fan base to ensure this is a success.

That includes global and local reds, every United fan has a part to play in this fight. This hasn’t changed.

It’s not just the club that is broken, 17 years of Glazer ownership has broken our fan base which was by design to serve their purpose. Our objectives will not be complete until our club is repaired at every level. We will not abandon our principles and responsibilities to help to do this before the 58 can finally disappear into the shadows.

To the Glazers your time is up and we are locked onto you. Lies and deceit this will not work anymore.

To the sponsors be very careful thinking a continuous relationship with the Glazers is good for your brand. It won’t be and you can always expect the same treatment under this ownership.

To the investors carefully consider if you will ever realise your investment against the will of a global fan base who universally despite the Glazer family.

We have plans in place if they go next week or next year. We want our club back in a fit and proper state to hand to the next generation. They will go, that’s what every fan needs to focus on. Anything else is pointless noise and waffle at the moment.

Don’t be fooled by them they will not do anything that is in the interest of the club or fan base. They will leave this club kicking and screaming with their nails scraping on the floor as they are dragged out. They don’t like us we don’t like them, that much is clear. They have zero love for you, us or our club.

So, the main objective and priority is to remove this ownership. Do not be distracted by any other comments around new owners until this is complete. You will just be playing into the Glazer’s hands.

In light of the above, our protest plans have changed. We need to keep the pressure on. Details for Forest will be released soon.

Nothing else matters until they have sold the club!

Love will always beat greed.

The 1958 🇾🇪