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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Game Changed

Sep 11, 2023

Today we launch the Claim Back United website


Register to stand side by side with us and fellow fans. Our unity is our strength and we need that voice in its thousands. 

Please join us and we will guarantee you one thing. Our pledge to the United fan base. 

  • We have no agenda. 
  • We do not answer to anybody. 
  • We have nothing to lose. 
  • We just want the Glazers out! 

This is the first phase. This is the first step towards representing numbers when campaigning and protesting to more effectively target and co-ordinate any action.

We will be campaigning local politicians, the premier league and Westminster, continuing our protests against the tyranny of this ownership. 

What does it give you and us:

  • More targeted protests and campaigns.
  • FREE Registration FOREVER.
  • Everyone will be treated equally.
  • Formally submit protest ideas.
  • Formally submit offers of help.
  • Strategies will be published for feedback.

Additional features added continuously.

A vehicle towards better communication and planning. 

They want to censor and remove the vocal fan base and replace with manufactured fake atmospheres that they can control. That will not happen. 

We will continue to build and unify this fan base. We will continue to stand with TRA. We will continue until this ownership is gone!

Sign up. Join us. Time to stand together.

Game changed.

The 1958🇾🇪