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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Heading into a year since the strategic review

Oct 5, 2023



Joel’s initial response to the Liverpool protest was to engage in dialogue, merely to appease and pacify our support without any genuine intention of addressing the ‘demands’ presented to him at the Fans Forum 18 months ago.

The Glazers have since used the illusion of meaningful dialogue as a tool for manipulation and deception. They failed to honour the demands made, instead giving false assurances, enabling them to continue with their existing agenda of destroying our Club for their own profit.

By maintaining a dialogue with the Glazers, we have validated their actions and legitimatised their ownership of our Club and demonstrated to them that our fanbase is divided, indecisive and impotent.

It is now time to re-evaluate this approach and consider alternative methods to ensure that the Glazers ownership of our Club finally becomes untenable.

Dialogue with the club and owners DOES NOT WORK it merely validates and legitimises the Glazers ownership and allows them to continue to demonise match going fans. Place them at risk for greed and continue to destroy our club whilst portraying an illusion of utopia to our world-wide fan base with the aim of maximising revenues.

We are therefore calling on all key groups and individuals who are in the position to affect change, to demonstrate a genuine unity with our fanbase through a selfless act of dissent.

We would ask that:

  • All Members of the Fans Forum boycott their position with immediate effect.
  • All members of the Fan Advisory Board boycott their position with immediate effect.

Whilst the cessation of dialogue may initially appear to be counterproductive to some, it will send a powerful message to the Glazers, the clubs sponsors and the media.

That message being crystal clear that supporters and the groups and individuals who represent them, no longer recognise the current ownership of Manchester United and will not renew any form of official dialogue until they have been replaced.

The fans forum and fans advisory board is a Premier League requirement. This show of unity would send a powerful message to the club, the owners and the very organisation that has been complicit with the Glazers since 2005.

It is time to end all dialogue with those who seek to destroy our club, its history and its future. We must not be complicit in their plans.

We will be reaching out to these key groups and individuals and in the interests of transparency (which we have always stated) will provide further updates.

The next fans forum is Tuesday the 10th of October. Tough decisions need to be made.

It’s time to call the banners and form up.

The 1958 🇾🇪