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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Boycott Glazer Sponsors

Jul 4, 2022

The 1958 will promote any good ideas from the fan base and will continue to learn and evolve to remove the head of the snake.

We opened up a contact page yesterday and we have been inundated with some great ideas that everyone can contribute to. Thank you to everybody for taking the time.

We are looking to boycott all sponsors and that includes the idea to block all sponsor images posted on social media, to include players, officials and merchandise removing them from all united related images online.

  • Any images that still show sponsors please DO NOT share them.
  • If you want to share then please follow the instructions below.

This is an excellent way to protest against the ownership. This WILL impact the Glazers and sponsors. This club is broken, rotten and a total mess. The Glazers and their puppets are continuing to destroy our football club, and the fans need to push hard to get these leeching jokers out of our club.

The timing is right with the positive PR spin expected this week from the Glazers with signings, kit launches and spoon fed interviews from players. Please DO NOT be fooled and won over by this again. The Glazers are more transparent than ever and we will not be taken for mugs anymore. Remember Avrams comment “These things always blow over”, not this time. Enough is enough.

This is a real opportunity for the worldwide fan base to make a stand against the leeches on ALL social media platforms.

It’s also time for major social media accounts to get involved. They need to support the movement to rid our club of this vermin. Time to show their hand! Time to unite…

We have tagged in accounts we feel could make a real statement by supporting this boycott. If they want to?

We are calling on ALL United fans and online news aggregators to get involved.

News Aggregators (named on our tweet). You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Time to pin your colours to the mast so we know your agenda. Fall on the side of the fans and what is right we urge you. This is your chance to prove a lot of doubters wrong.

This will be more powerful if done at the source, by the aggregators.

So share, retweet and let’s start now!

Relentless in our attempts to claim our club back.

Keep believing 🇾🇪