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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Important Information Brighton Sunday 7th August

Aug 3, 2022

We have been made aware for the protest on Sunday that GMP will start to enforce the law against pyrotechnics. That includes possession and setting them off either at Media City, on the march, around the ground and in the Munich tunnel. 

Also the club will prosecute which could lead to a three year ban from the stadium or even criminal charges. Obviously we cant enforce what fans participating choose to do but it’s worth considering the above.

In addition we have also been made aware:

  • There will be additional sniffer dogs around the ground and route.
  • The change in the law is due to our protests last season along with those of Everton fans.
  • The Glazers and the Everton board were instrumental in driving this law change through the FA and Premier League. Both these clubs were the instigators not the Premier League.

Please see the link below for more information:

You may have noticed the increased clamp down on this over the weekend at EFL games.

This is really disappointing and yet again highlights how the common football fan is made an example of when actual real crimes go unpunished and without having the same resources put behind it. Try to report a burglary or car theft and see if you get the same response, not to mention more serious crimes. 

We have our voices and we will not be silenced by attempts from our parasite owners and the club to quash the feelings and passion of the common fan.

They are in the wrong, they are ruining the history, traditions and culture of our great club and the 58 will not standby and watch our club rot away any longer.

The 1958 will always consider what’s in the best interest of our fanbase and club. Nothing else matters other than restoring right and proper ownership which includes a meaningful voice for the fans. To focus purely on football success and upholding the standards and traditions of our great club. We will never conform to the Glazers nor have our backsides tickled by them.

Unite with us and stand with us on Sunday to demonstrate this is not acceptable any longer. 

Help us to save our club before we don’t have a club to save.

Our future is our only motivation. Nothing else matters.

The 1958 🇾🇪