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Flag regulations for Arsenal

Aug 31, 2022

Ahead of the Arsenal game this Sunday and following on from our previous statement we release some important information about what is and isn’t allowed into the ground.

We were appalled like everybody else with the club confiscating anti Glazer flags and banners including from the disabled section. We raised this directly and immediately with MUST and the flag has now been returned.

We also explained what the club and morally corrupt owners are doing to try and censor, silence and pacify the fanbase from rising up. These are undeniable and confirmed facts that we also outlined in our previous statement.


We protest at the Trinity from 3pm.

Bring your flags, banners, noise and passion and let’s show our discontent and anger at this ownership. Enough is enough we demand change.

Then we go into the ground with your banners, noise & passion.

Be loud. Be visual. Be legal. Be peaceful.

Chants and banners at kick off.

Chants and banners following any goal.

There will be visual and audible prompts of this around key areas of the ground.

Let the world know we want our club back🇾🇪


The below is a quote directly from the club what will and will not be allowed.

As a club we support fans right to protest in a peaceful, legal and safe way. Flags which meet the ground regulations (e.g. size and fire safety) that do not contain discriminatory, offensive or abusive language are permitted and should not be removed.

For clarity, our policy is that banners/flags containing offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, illegal, commercial or political messaging / imagery are not permitted and anyone to bring a flag/banner into the stadium containing inappropriate content will be refused entry with the item. Any item containing inappropriate content displayed within the stadium will be confiscated and the owner ejected and potentially sanctioned as per club sanction policy.

We have reminded all our match day staff of the above policies and will do again ahead of the next home game versus Arsenal.

Examples allowed:

Any flag measuring 2m x 1m (or less) does not need a fire certificate

Glazers Out

Glazers GO

Glazers Sell United