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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Update from The 1958

Sep 12, 2022

We knew Leeds was never going ahead. The GMP was always going to be stretched. 

So, we now have four weeks to hit the Glazers and their sponsors hard! 

We would like to provide some visibility on the subjects and planned actions for the coming weeks. Details below:

  • Protest, flags and banners for our next PL home game versus Newcastle.
  • New and existing sponsor campaigns.
  • We will be following up the email to Sky and their abhorrent censorship. Their reply was unacceptable. 
  • Associated Glazer business interests will get the treatment.
  • We will be posting updates to raise awareness on the Glazer ownership to educate those in the fanbase who may be unaware.
  • Yes, we will be doing podcasts to spread awareness. We do not do many of these and we will announce details soon.

We will also use this time to make sure the ownership knows the United fan base wants them out! They will be in no doubt about this.

Starting tomorrow with an update on our website.

We always said this would be a marathon not a sprint.

Be patient and stay the course.