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Club and Media Censorship Continues

Sep 13, 2022

In respect for Her Majesty Elizabeth II we have held back on this post for a few days. Before we continue its worth mentioning that the minute silence was impeccably followed in Old Trafford by home fans and also the Real Sociedad away end 👏

However, despite confirmed assurances from the club they continued to censor the fans throughout the game versus Real Sociedad. For a reminder of official confirmation, only for the Arsenal game a mere 4 days prior, please see below:

The below is the official statement we received from the club prior to Arsenal.

As a club we support fans right to protest in a peaceful, legal and safe way. Flags which meet the ground regulations (e.g. size and fire safety) that do not contain discriminatory, offensive or abusive language are permitted and should not be removed.

For clarity, our policy is that banners/flags containing offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, illegal, commercial or political messaging / imagery are not permitted and anyone to bring a flag/banner into the stadium containing inappropriate content will be refused entry with the item. Any item containing inappropriate content displayed within the stadium will be confiscated and the owner ejected and potentially sanctioned as per club sanction policy.

We have reminded all our match day staff of the above policies and will do again ahead of the next home game versus Arsenal.

So, what happened between Arsenal and Sociedad? Did this directive only apply for a single game? Where is this directive coming from? Who is pulling the strings at the club? Just another example of how this club is being run and has been run for 17 years.

It’s clear the Glazer approach is to try and marginalise the match going fans. They do not want us. We have evidence and information on this which we may release in the future. Also, dialogue brought to our attention from the club in an attempt to dilute the protests and fans feeling. The club do not want us to make this public so they need to do the right thing. We will not bow down to the Glazers or the club.

Let’s just recap on what the club (our club) has done and did on Thursday night in an attempt to portray that the match going fan base are happy with the owners. It’s a lie, it’s deceitful and it’s nothing short of manufactured propaganda to portray an image outside of Old Trafford to a broadcasting audience who would be non the wiser unless they went out of their way to seek the truth.

  • The club have increased the steward allocation for games.
  • Disabled supporters having flags taken from them.
  • Flags from other areas of the ground removed.
  • Stewards deliberately standing in front of flags and banners to block live camera views.
  • Threatening to remove fans from the ground for protesting against the ownership.
  • Sky censoring audio and coverage (We haven’t finished with you yet. Your reply is unacceptable and we will be following this up.)
  • The club turning up the PA volume as the teams come out to drown out Glazers Out chants with “Bring on United”. Despicable.

This isn’t something that we and the fans have made up. It’s based on facts and evidence and also there is no substitute for being inside the stadium and witnessing everything yourselves.

This is happening all over Old Trafford

None of these banners breached the clubs own dimensions or wording restrictions. Let that sink in.

The state of Old Trafford is currently looking like someone on a painting apprenticeship has been handed a brush to paint the stadium.

Not only is the club rotting down from the head of the snake, so is our once great stadium. We already know about the leaking roofs and work that is needed to modernise the ground. It is now becoming increasingly dilapidated. Leaks appearing all over the ground and looking like it would need some form of Health & Safety review undertaking very soon.

We know about the upgrades that needed to be done in the Directors and corporate boxes following protests in the Munich tunnel. You know we know and this is something we may make public in the future. If you continue to fight dirty, so will we. That’s a promise.

Leaks aren’t just limited to outside the ground. This is on the concourse.

The club is rotting from the top down and the stadium is rotting from the inside out.

It is our democratic right to protest and the only tool we can use to raise awareness and remove these owners.

We will not be silenced.

We will not be censored.

We will not have this right taken away from us by owners acting like a despot state.

The fight continues 🇾🇪