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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Update from The 1958

Nov 2, 2022

With three games to go until the World Cup break, we wanted to outline some of our plans and actions over the closed season whilst the World Cup is on.

Now is the perfect time to increase the pressure on this rotten ownership. They need investment. However, investors are hardly falling over themselves to pump money into a debt-ridden club in need of stadium and facilities upgrades. We know for a fact that Richard Arnold said protests have had an impact.

Investors smell blood. They don’t want to give the Glazers money without a say in the running of the club. The Glazers even trying to take investors for mugs. 

They want the whole club and nothing less, we know this. The vultures are circling the scavengers. They’re backed into a corner.

First, we announce our next protest march. This will be against City on the 14th of January although we expect this fixture to be moved. We have made the decision to announce this early and we will update you on our plans during the run up to the game. It is also worth noting that January 2023 is next dividend payment for the leeches. This protest needs to be bigger than Liverpool. They can’t keep draining the life out of our once great club.

We stated in our update after Newcastle that we won’t allow protests to be a tourist attraction. We do this to send a message. We do this for you. We do this for us. We do this for the next generation. It is no longer an option to sit on the fence. The battle lines are being drawn. Again, more on these plans over the coming weeks. You are either against the Glazer ownership or you are serving your own self-interests to keep them in place. Time to shake things up and time to call things out.

More plans and actions during the World Cup break:

We continue to be vocal and visual at all games home and away. Get more anti Glazer flags in the ground! Play your part, everyone needs to do this.

  • Awareness and education for this fan base. Stop sitting on the fence.
  • We will be working behind the scenes with supporter groups. The world doesn’t revolve around twitter, backbeat the word on the street.
  • Launch our Facebook site to engage with United groups.
  • Sponsor campaigns will continue. This is a key activity and everyone needs to get involved.
  • More follow up email campaigns to the Premier League, The FA and key club Sponsors who are ALL complicit.
  • We will continue to develop our presence in the U.S. as we mentioned we are scaling and evolving and not just in the US either.

We will also be releasing plans around other major announcements that cannot be disclosed at this point but will accelerate the movement. These will act as enablers to scale and evolve our future iniatives.

You may think it’s gone quiet. You might think it’s time for a break because the team is looking good. You might think you can’t be arsed because the World Cup is on. Big mistake this is what the Glazers want and expect. This fan base has a track record of doing so. Make them think differently. Do not be pacified and let apathy kill our club.

We believe we have gained enough trust and credibility to tell you this. If we say something we do it.

Now is the time to build up the pressure like never before. All United fans need to be active and get behind these plans. We will get the Glazers out!

Unity is strength and we will stop the rot and rid ourselves of these owners. They only thing that can defeat is if you don’t care and let apathy takeover. Then this really will be the end of United as we know and love it.

Stand up and fight for something you love and believe in.

Remember, love will always beat greed.

The 1958  🇾🇪