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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

A Year In Review

Dec 31, 2022

It’s been quite a year for The 1958 and everyone who believed they could make a difference.

When we formed the 58 we wanted to make a stand for integrity and show that some things are more important than self interests and greed. This was always personal to us and we wanted to make a stand for these values. It’s about standards, history and dignity.

We understood that we would need to build up trust and credibility given the history of what has happened in the past and starting from nothing. You know the groups and individuals we are talking about here.

We wanted to make a stand for something we deeply love, for family & friends memories that always come flooding back heading into that ground. It’s personal and real to us. The Glazers were not just betraying the club we love. To us they were betraying the memories of past generations who instilled United into us. We are sure this resonates with many a United fan.

Let’s look at what we have achieved together so far:

  • A self funded movement built from the ground up.
  • No support or publicity from any major group with the exception of TRA who have been our strongest ally. No agenda, just for the love of the club. Integrity and trust is paramount to us.
  • Organised huge peaceful protests for major games from last season and carried into this.
  • 73rd minute Brentford walk out. We knew this wouldn’t be massive but it was done for coverage and visibility of our movement. Which worked well in our longer term strategy.
  • Flags/Banners at every home, away and European games driving censorship from the club and media.
  • Worldwide press and media coverage highlighting reasons and cause to raise awareness.
  • Closure of ground facilities and increased police and security presence damaging sponsors and profits.
  • The Arnold interview would not have happened without The 58. Even though it could have been managed better. We know there was a grass and we are gathering evidence on who we believe this is. United fans do not like a grass.
  • Uniting a fractured fanbase (Join The Fight Pack) giving everyone a reason to fight.
  • Campaigning against governing bodies.
  • Campaigning against United Investors.
  • Campaigning against Glazer banks holding the debt.
  • Relentless campaigns against sponsors at all levels who are complicit with these owners.

We thank everyone who joined or rejoined the fight with us and believed we could make a difference and had a part to play. You chose to be on the right side of history and stood up for what you believe in.

In 2023 we see the end of Glazer. We have additional financial destabilisation strategies to trigger just in case they decide to do a u-turn. However, we know there are 4 interested parties in a direct takeover. Let’s see how those play out before jumping in with any unrealistic demands.

We also facilitate a further reset of the club at all levels. This is very much needed to bring our club back to a powerhouse respected on and off in the field in world football and give the next generation something to be proud of.

See you all in the New Year, the next protest will be announced very soon.

For you, for us, for each other.

The 1958 :yemen: