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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Wembley Follow Up

Feb 27, 2023

Firstly, a massive congratulations to the manager and team. 

That’s what our club is all about winning silverware and doing it in the right way.

Respect to everyone who showed up at the Torch, it was carnage.

Unfortunately Met police decided to cordon off the entire perimeter of the pub. Entry was also closed incredibly early. So, the celebration continued both inside and outside on the car park.

Confused why GMP sent a task force down when we were never marching to the ground 🤷‍♂️

The chants and banners inside the ground were loud and to the point. 

Despite the Wembley PA doing its best pre game and also the opportunistic timing of the charm offensive by individuals in the club to protect their own interests (more on this later). Avram (these things always blow over) Glazer will know, it is crystal clear our supporters want them out.

They need to go; this will not blow over.

Finally, we have some things to get off our chest that the fanbase should be made aware of. We always said we would be transparent and call things out. 

= Censorship =

This is still going strong with banners and flags not being allowed in. There is still a directive being sent, we think it was an attempt to show the world and Glazer that all is still rosy. It isn’t and you should be ashamed of yourselves acting like a despot state.

= Club PR from desperate individuals =

It is abundantly clear that individuals and groups in the club are feeling threatened and doing whatever they can to try and show they are relevant. Too little too late!

Also, some of the unsavoury backstabbing’s going on behind the scenes to position yourselves will not be forgotten. Call it a betrayal. The truth will always reveal itself.

The success yesterday is in spite of this ownership and others feathering their own nest. It is down to the manager, players, loyalty and passion of our fanbase.

They do not foster an environment for success, quite the opposite.

There are some many complicit with keeping them here putting their own self-interests above the future of our club. Greed driven by greed.

When this ownership is ended there will be a reset at all levels, root and branch.

It is needed to move our great club forward.

For you, for us, for each other.

The 1958🇾🇪