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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Update on Glazer Ownership & Damage

Mar 22, 2023

Glazer Ownership & Damage

Our mantra has always been simple.

To rid ourselves of the virus that has been killing our club and 18 years of decay.

A FULL SALE ONLY is the acceptable outcome. Nothing less.

If you haven’t already have a listen to only the 2nd podcast we did back in September.

It is not just the club that is broken, 18 years of Glazer ownership has broken our fanbase. This was by Glazer design and we intend to unite and heal it.

The Glazers are not just betraying the club we love. To us they are betraying the memories of past generations who instilled United into us. Those we think about every time we head into that ground.

Let’s not forget what we are dealing with here. 

  • A horrible family with questionable morals and ethics. 
  • A family who sued  members of their own family for business assets in a family will.
  • A family who only care about money and greed. 
  • A family people working at the club can’t stand. 
  • A family who betrayed our national game and tried taking us into a European Super League.
  • A family despised by a global fanbase. That takes some doing. 

It’s time to pick a side. You are either part of the PROBLEM or part of the SOLUTION.

No more getting backhanders from the club, everyone needs to be on the same side.

  • We will co-ordinate and plan boycotts across all groups, trusts and fan groups (stadium, stands, sponsors, merchandise)
  • We will ramp up activities against Glazer investors and banks.
  • We will ramp up financial destabilisation strategies against all Glazer business interests.
  • We will expand our outer circle to scale activities.

This is our promise.

It is not 2005 anymore. You will NOT be allowed to destroy our club any longer.

There comes a time in everyones life when you need to stand up and fight for something you love.

These parasites treat this fanbase with contempt. Are you not tired of not being listened to and walked over?

We have the passion and stomach for the fight ahead, do you?

Gather round us and watch the revolution unfold.

Keep believing. 

The 1958 🇾🇪