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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Q2 Financial Results

Apr 3, 2023

We are sure you have all seen the disgusting financial results released last week. There are plenty of detailed articles around showing the breakdown.

Like we predicted in our last podcast these results would be even worse than the last ones. 

The club and their media enablers are trying their best to put a positive spin on this. The cold facts are its a miracle that our club has not gone under with this ownership. Almost any other club in the world would have. 

The results are disgusting, despite the below:

  • Increased revenue given we have progressed in every cup and every game being drawn at home.
  • Increased revenue by the club acting as legalised touts. Begging for tickets to be returned so they can fleece fans even more
  • Changing the entire membership structure to drain fans even further. You cannot even have tickets forwarded to you now without membership.
  • Continued to increase membership costs from what was £15 to a staggering £65

We have been looking into how the club have been allowed to act as legalised touts. Some of these findings are both disappointing and surprising. More to follow on this.

We expect news on the sales process being released sometime this week. Just remember the Glazers are consumed by greed and this will be their undoing.

Elliott have a track record of taking over struggling businesses and have no morals or business ethics in doing so. They will eat the Glazers for breakfast and their plan will be to hope they default and they get the club at a steal. They almost ruined AC Milan by this very same strategy.

If Elliott and Glazer stay then we stay. 

Until then, we continue to protest. We continue to let the owners know we want them OUT.


We will be releasing details of our next protest soon. 

Time to ramp up the pressure.

Keep believing and be ready! 

The 1958 🇾🇪