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The 1958

Some things are worth fighting for...

Rallying Call for Liverpool

Aug 16, 2022

Today we release our plans for the Liverpool game.

A game that will have the eyes of the world watching.

A game for United fans to come together and show the world our deep discontent for this vile ownership. An ownership that is systematically starving and killing the greatest football institution in world football, for greed.

We can not allow this to happen any longer!

This is not about division, this is about unity. All United fans have the right to protest with the 1958 or individually. It is not about confrontation. Anything else plays completely into the Glazers hands.

So, as we have said before, put our differences aside and come together. Join the march from 7pm. Protest on the forecourt. We will plant our flag as a focal point. Be loud, be proud, stand as one!

We call on the old guard who previously carried the baton against the Glazers. Rejoin the fight. Stand with us.

We call on young and old alike once again. Stand with us.

We call on any United fan who may not have a ticket and given up hope. Stand with us.

We call on any United fan with family and friends previously lost. Fight for them to get our club back. Stand with us.



We meet at the Tollgate. We have 30m fencing to hang your banners, bring your colours and flags.

Arrive anytime from 5:30pm

We march at 7pm

We congregate at the Trinity.

We appreciate emotions are running high. We must keep it legal, we must keep it peaceful, we don’t want any Reds getting lifted and giving the Glazer propaganda machine chance to spin the narrative.

We have built great momentum and awareness. We are seeing support from key influences that can really make a difference. It is imperative this continues for us to follow and achieve our strategy.

Bring the heat, bring the noise, bring the passion. Let’s show the Glazer family that this time it will not blow over.

Love will always beat greed.

Some things are worth fighting for…

The 1958 :yemen: